Is M&A activity part of the strategic plan of Maximum Entertainment?

Yes. Strengthening the IP portfolio, our base of development talent and reach of our sales channels through M&A activity is part of our strategic plan.

What was the net revenue in the past quarter for Maximum Entertainment?

For the latest numbers, please see Maximum Entertainment's financial reports here.

When will Maximum Entertainment release the next game?

Across the group, Maximum Entertainment releases over 60 games a year. So the answer is probably “Next Week.” For our own IP and key 3rd party titles, we announce games when it is in the best commercial interest to do so.

Will Maximum Entertainment grow as a company?

The board of directors, the management team and the Maximum Entertainment teams around the world, are committed to growing EBITDA organically and through M&A with margin expansion and value creation as we continue to invest in IP created by our studios.

What is the share price of Maximum Entertainment?

Please see the current MAXENT share price here along with historical data.

What is Maximum Entertainment Operational EBIT?

Operating income excluding amortization of acquisition-related goodwill.

The Group's EBIT is affected by the amortization of goodwill in accordance with the K3 regulations that Maximum Entertainment applies. Operational EBIT, a key figure adjusted for this amortization, provides a more accurate picture of the development of the operating income from the Group's operating activities.

How many companies have Maximum Entertainment acquired?

2021 was a transformative year of acquisitions with Just For Games (Feb), Merge Games (May) and Maximum Games (Nov.) In 2022, the group acquired studio Mane 6. Historically there have been additional acquisitions, please see Maximum Entertainment's press releases for full information.

What is Maximum Entertainment?

Refers to Maximum Entertainment, company registration number 556778-7691, or the Group or companies in the Group in which Maximum Entertainment is the parent company.

For a detailed description of our business units, please see the Maximum Entertainment Publishing and Studios here.

Will management buy more shares in Maximum Entertainment?

The board of directors and management hold ~35% of the shares of Maximum Entertainment today. For bios and details around their respective holding, please see Maximum Entertainment board and management here.